Comprehensive construction of photovoltaic installations

Our customers include public bodies, local authorities, companies and private individuals. Thanks to our qualified staff and experienced engineers, our installations are characterised by a high standard of workmanship, using the best components.

What is a photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic installation is the purest form of renewable energy that offers us free electricity from the sun, all you need is a free roof or land. This solution is ideal for businesses and single-family homes. Contact us and you will receive:

  • selection of photovoltaic installation capacities,
  • help with financing the installation,
  • professional support from our employees at every stage of the investment,
  • required projects and permits for the investment,
  • ready-made photovoltaic installation,
  • monitoring of the installation’s operation.

Scheme of operation






How does a photovoltaic installation work?

  1. Solar panels turn the sun’s rays into direct current.
  2. Inverter changes the direct current into alternating current and feeds the energy generated by the cells into the building’s electrical grid.
  3. The energy thus generated passes through protection and is distributed throughout the building.
  4. Electrical appliances such as the fridge, lighting, etc. are powered by energy from the sun.

Key elements of the installation

  1. Photovoltaic modules
  2. Power grid
  3. Bidirectional counter
  4. Inverter
  5. Electrical devices

Advantages of a photovoltaic installation

Ecological source of energy
Free energy with a sun
Saving on electicity bills
Long installation life

What to do when the sun doesn’t shine?

Photovoltaic installations work very well with energy storage facilities, where the electricity produced by photovoltaic modules can be stored for subsequent use when the sun is not shining.

Energy storages

Energy stores have been known to mankind for years in the form of batteries or accumulators. According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act, these are ‘devices or a set of devices used to store energy in any form’. Developing technology has made it possible to store electricity in greater quantities than in a standard AA-type battery or car battery. Current technology makes it possible to store energy for domestic or business use. Thanks to this solution, we gain emergency power supply during grid failure and make greater use of energy from renewable sources. The most important parameters for energy storage are:

  • Capacity [kWh], which describes how much energy we can store in a given energy storage.
  • Power [kW], which describes the maximum power that can be charged/discharged from an energy store.

How do energy storage facilities work?

Prąd produkowany przez panele fotowoltaiczne lub inne źródło wytwarzania energii trafia przez inwerter do domu lub zakładu.
The electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels or other power generation source goes through an inverter to the home or plant.
Energia wyprodukowana przez odnawialne źródło energii na początku trafi do aktywnych urządzeń.
The energy produced by the renevable energy source will initially go to active appliances.
Wyprodukowane nadwyżki energii na bieżąco będą trafiały do magazynu, skąd możemy pobierać energię elektryczną, gdy nasze źródło produkuje zbyt mało energii.
The surplus energy produced on an ongoing basis will go into storage, from where we can draw electicity when our source produces too little energy.
Z sieci odbierzemy brakującą energię, gdy jej zabranie w magazynie. Energią z sieci można również naładować nasz magazyn gdy ceny energii są korzystne.
We will pick up the missing energy from the grid when we run out of energy in storage. Energy from the grid can also be used to recharge our storage when energy prices are favourable.

Advantages of energy storage

Works with renewable energy sources
Provides emergency power supply during power failures
Enables the purchase of energy from the grid when there is a lower price on the market
Allows energy to be sold at a higher price during peak hours
(from 1 july 2024)
Stabilises the power grid
The possibility of increasing power and storage capacity to suit your needs
Long life

We will reduce your bills

Do you have needs, high electricity consumption in your household or business and your bills are constantly rising?

Our projects

Przedsiębiorstwo SAVPOL

For the needs of Przedsiębiorstwo SAVPOL Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa, we carried out photovoltaic installations on the roofs of buildings with a total capacity of almost 340 kWp, located at the company’s branches throughout Poland.