PWK PŁONIA in Barlinek

Investment task entitled: “Design, supply and installation of three photovoltaic installations with a capacity of up to 50 kWp each for PWK “PŁONIA” Sp. z o.o. in Barlinek”.

On 31.10.2022, the implementation for the order of PWK “PŁONIA” Sp. z o.o. in Barlinek was completed. As part of the investment, three soil installations were made in the areas adjacent to the sewage treatment plant and the water treatment plant. As part of the contract, three installations were made with a capacity of 34.8 kWp, 26.8 kWp, and 29.6 kWp, with two inverters connected to each installation. The task was carried out under the EPC formula, where we were responsible for the construction and detailed design and implementation of the project, from site preparation and fencing to the installation of the alarm system (SSWiN) and monitoring (CCTV) and execution of the designed photovoltaic installations.

  • Installation: ground-mounted
  • Total installation power: 91.2 kWp
  • Total number of modules: 228 units