Police School in Katowice

Investment task entitled: “Implementation of stage 1.2 of the “Energy Management Programme at the Police School in Katowice” titled “Installation of a photovoltaic installation on the premises of the Police School in Katowice”.

The installation of a photovoltaic installation for the Police School in Katowice was completed on 16.12.2020.  As part of the task, a photovoltaic installation with a total capacity of 160.38 kW was made, consisting of 396 power modules and 5 inverters. The installations were spread over 5 buildings of the Police School in Katowice. On one of the buildings, the installation method used was to glue the panels to the existing roof covering, which is a membrane; on the other buildings, a ballast structure was used. In addition, as part of the investment, the transformer station was rebuilt and the installations were fitted with energy consumption monitoring systems to ensure that excess energy produced is not sent to the grid. For this project, we carried out the static calculation of the roofs, construction and detailed design.

  • Installation: ballasted and bonded to the membrane
  • Total installation power: 160,38 kWp
  • Total number of modules: 396 szt