Wastewater Treatment Plant of Wodociągi Raciborskie

Investment task entitled: “Construction of a photovoltaic installation on the premises of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Wodociągi Raciborskie Sp. z o.o.”

In December 2022, a ground-mounted photovoltaic installation with a total capacity of 199.68 kWp was commissioned for the Racibórz Waterworks. A total of 624 modules and 4 inverters were mounted on a ground-driven structure. As part of the task, we reconstructed the transformer station and set up a monitoring system to view and record the operating parameters of each module separately. The task was carried out under the EPC formula, where we were responsible for the replacement construction and detailed design, as well as for the implementation, from removal of debris and preparation of the site and fencing to completion of the photovoltaic installation.

  • Installation: ground-mounted
  • Total installation power: 199.68 kWp
  • Total number of modules: 624 units